Richard Langenstein

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Richard Langenstein was a local pedophile and substitute teacher. His family owned a deli in New Orleans, famous meats. He often wore khakis and a brown belt according to Lee Syatt.


During the daylight he was a good person. They called him Big Richard because his skin had the Lord's Leopard Print coming out of him and had very large arms.


Theo and his girlfriend (Jessica) at the time met Big Richard at a local church event. Theo and Jessica brought him cookies one weekend to watch the Saints' game.

On a separate event Theo brought his friends over to watch a Saints game and smoke marijuana with Big Rich. They all smoked extra knowing Richard was in his 80s thinking he would not have many more chances for such an extravagant event.

When Theo was 14, Big Rich took Theo to a Marilyn Manson concert. While Theo was in the washroom he overheard an adult patron stating that "someone will fuck those kids" because they appeared young for their age.