Mario Ruffino

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Mario Ruffino is a boy who lived down the street from Theo. Mario's mother was the local librarian and his father's occupation was unknown. Mario had 2 beautiful sisters.

Early life[edit]

Mario Ruffino had a history of coercing Theo Von to bury his feces in his backyard. This was the only way The Colon Concierge was permitted to associate with Mario. The feces had a positive impact on the Ruffino's garden and is said to have caused rose bushes that grew to heights of over 30 feet. The Ruffino's garden was considered to be very beautiful.


Mario may have driven a pickup truck into a homeless woman, killing her. The embankment known to kill Mario was thought to be part of the interstate sticking out into the river. Although the boat Mario was driving was a speed boat, it was used for fishing.


Mario Ruffino died by eating a bunch of pills and driving a boat into an embankment around midnight. Theo wrote a letter to the Ruffinos after Mario's death explaining the burial of the feces but has never received a reply. The Rat King attempted to be a pallbearer but the family would not allow him.